Vieux Monnaie's  Point. Blank. Period. Eyeliner

Vieux Monnaie's Point. Blank. Period. Eyeliner


The Product-


The first product introduced by the Vieux Monnaie brand, the “Point Blank Period” eyeliner is the sharpest, darkest and most precise liquid eyeliner on the market and that’s on Point Blank Period.


How To- 


For the best results, apply this absolutely perfect liner on a slanted angle. Do not apply the product straight ahead, as this may cause the liner to skip during the application. Store product with the felt tip downward to help maintain the constant flow of ink.




Designed with our moguls in mind, this liner was created to help simplify the process of executing the perfect wing liner. With its waterproof formula, this product guarantees a minimum of a 15 hour wear. This product is non- comedogenic and hypo-allergenic.  

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